Fred W. – Beaumont
Nine Year Ticket Buyer

Fred just helped
1.6 million Alberta patients.

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Royal Alex and University Hospitals
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See the heart-warming stories of two former patients meeting Full House Lottery ticket buyers to thank them for their support.

Royal Alex 2017 Cause

Advanced CT Scanner

Advanced CT Scanner

Detecting Cancer in Time to Treat It

Working at a cellular level, the PET CT Scanner detects disease at its earliest stages and determines its exact location, often before symptoms even occur. It dramatically improves treatment results for cancer as well as heart disease and dementia patients—saving countless lives.

University Hospital 2017 Cause

Stroke Ambulance

Stroke Ambulance

Treating Strokes Before Even Reaching the Hospital

Canada's First Stroke Ambulance helps stroke patients in Northern Alberta, saving precious time and lives. Think of it as a mobile stroke centre, complete with a CT scanner and clot-busting drugs able to urgently treat a stroke before a patient even reaches the hospital in Edmonton. With your support, Full House Lottery can help keep it on the road.

For 1.6 million Alberta patients every year, life wouldn’t be the same without Full House Lottery's supporters. Your tickets have funded life-changing programs, from neo-natal intensive care, to advanced trauma surgery, to critical brain care. You even helped build world-class facilities like the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.