Grand Prizes

Who are the builders of these homes?

Grand Prize 1 - Averton Homes
Grand Prize 2a - Kondro Homes
Grand Prize 2b - Perry Signature Homes Inc.

What are the names of the homes?

Grand Prize 1 - Averton – The Lamia

Grand Prize 2a - Kondro Homes – The Evora

Grand PRize 2b - Perry Signature Homes Inc. – The Harmony

How many homes are given away?

Two. The second Grand Prize winner will have the choice of either the Kondro Home OR the Perry Signature Home. The first Grand Prize winner will win the Averton Home.

What are the retail prices of the homes?

The Lamia

Home: $1,837,500

Lot:      $372,645.00

Cash:   $25,000.00

Total:   $2,235,145 (includes GST)


The Evora

Home: $1,330,035

Lot:      $362,145

Cash:   $10,000.00

Total:   $1,702,180 (includes GST)


The Harmony

Home: $1,360,170

Lot:      $351,645

Cash:   $10,000.00

Total:   $1,721,815 (includes GST)

What are the taxes on the home?

Approximately $8,000.

What are the sizes of the home?

The Lamia

5,411 sq. ft. – Fully furnished! 


The Evora                 

4,691 sq. ft. – Fully furnished!


The Harmony           

4,906 sq. ft. – Fully furnished!

What is the 50/50 Extra minimum guaranteed price?

There will be a minimum guaranteed payout of $400,000.


Do you have to live in the homes before selling them?


Is the furniture included in the homes? Why?

Yes. People always asked if the furniture comes with the house so we decided to include the furniture years ago.

Is the furniture for sale?

No – it goes with the house.  The winner would have the choice to keep it, give it away, or sell it.

What are the names of the interior designers?

Averton Homes - The Lamia

Bump Interiors Inc. - The Evora       

Next Interiors Inc. - The Harmony

Do the homes include landscaping?

Landscaping is included for the front yards of the homes. Winners will be responsible for landscaping the rear and side yards of the homes and for meeting all outstanding fencing requirements set forth by ONE at Windermere by September 2018. If the Winner chooses to the sell the home, these requirements must be met prior to sale.

Are the appliances included?

Yes, the fridge, stove, dishwasher, and microwave are included. (Washer and dryer are only included if displayed in the show home).

Is air conditioning included?

There is air conditioning included in the Averton and Kondro homes.


What floor is the condo on?

The 9th floor.

How large is the condo?

It is 830 sq ft.

What are the condo fees per month?

Approximately $230.00/month.

What is the value of the condo?

$435,750 (GST included).

Is the condo furnished?

No it is not.

Can I visit the condo?

Unfortunately not, we don’t have staff at the location as we are respecting the residents of the building. The amount of traffic throughout the campaign would be quite significant and we do not want to disturb those living there.

Ticket Information

How many Full House Lottery tickets are there?

Only 154,000 tickets will be sold:

49,000 single tickets for $100

14,000 bundles of 3 for $250 (42,000 actual tickets)

1,400 bundles of 5 for $375 (7,000 actual tickets)

5,600 bundles of 10 for $575 (56,000 actual tickets)

How many 50/50 Extra tickets are there?

Only 505,000 tickets will be sold:

15,000 single tickets for $10

26,000 bundles of 5 for $25 (130,000 actual tickets)

24,000 bundles of 15 for $50 (360,000 actual tickets)

How many Thousands-A-Day Giveaway tickets are there?

Only 221,480 tickets will be sold:

20,580 single tickets for $20

16,660 bundles of 5 for $50 (83,300 actual tickets)

11,760 bundles of 10 for $75 (117,600 actual tickets)

What forms of payment are accepted?

Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, Cheque, Money Order, Cash.

What is the Full House Lottery Licence Number?


What is the 50/50 Extra Lottery Licence Number?


What is the Thousands-a-Day Giveaway Lottery Licence Number?


How can I purchase tickets?


Buy tickets


Telephone & Fax

Edmonton & Area: 780-424-6161

Toll Free: 1-800-441-0465

Fax: 780-496-2411



Download and Print Mail Order Form

P.O. Box 2288 Main Post Office

Edmonton, AB T5J 4W1

Dream Homes

1134 Wahl Place NW, ONE at Windermere, Edmonton, AB

1125 Wahl Place NW, ONE at Windermere, Edmonton, AB

1123 Wahl Place NW, ONE at Windermere, Edmonton, AB

 (Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 1pm-8pm, Weekends & Holidays 10am-5:30pm)


Hospital Sales Kiosks (Starting March 15)

At the Royal Alexandra Hospital

(Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 11am-4pm)

- Main Entrance (lower level, off Kingsway Ave)

- Robbins Pavilion (just outside gift shop)

At the University Hospital

(Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 11am-4pm)

 - Main Floor next to the Info Desk (in the Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre, near the Foundation office)

 - Kaye Edmonton Clinic (outside the Foundation office)

Does your Full House Lottery ticket go back in the barrel if you win?

Yes, which means that you can win more than one prize.

What order are the prizes drawn?

They start from lowest retail value and work towards the grand prize. The last two draws are the dream homes.

Can the ticket be written off as a taxable donation?

No, the purchaser has an opportunity to win something and as such will not be eligible for a tax receipt.

Can the purchaser pick his/her own ticket number?

No, The purchaser cannot pick the ticket number; the ticket management company assigns the ticket numbers.

Who issues the tickets?

The ticket management company is Stride Management Corp. in Calgary.

Why can't purchasers get their ticket right at the show homes?

Because we sell 154,000 Full House Lottery tickets, 505,000 50/50 Extra tickets and 221,480 Thousands-a-Day Giveaway tickets, it is necessary to have the control of ticket orders at one location – the same location that mails out tickets.

Can I put my child's name on the ticket?

Gaming rules dictate that ticket purchasers must be at least 18 years old. Only adult names will be allowed on tickets.

Can more than one person put their name on a ticket?

Yes, two at most. Should a purchaser want to put more than 2 names on a ticket, it is recommended that the purchaser keep record of who is involved with the purchase and choose one or two as representative(s). The lottery licensee is not responsible for any conflict between joint ticket purchases. In the event of a winning ticket stub having more than one name, the licensee will award the prize to any individual whose name is listed on the stub. The licensee is not responsible for resolving any disputes that may arise from the different individuals.

Are the ticket sellers allowed to buy a ticket?

No. However, relatives not living under the same roof as the ticket sellers are eligible.

What if all tickets are not sold by the Early Bird deadline – May 10th

If tickets don’t sell out by the Early Bird cut off date of May 10th, we will continue to sell tickets until June 7th unless tickets sell out prior to this date. If sales continue beyond May 10th the final draw will begin July 4th regardless of whether we sell all 154,000 tickets.

Can tickets be put in the name of a corporation or business?

Yes. Should the ticket be a winner, the prize is then awarded to the corporation or business and the person who claims the prize must be able to prove that he/she is an authorized officer of that company.

When ordering online, do I get an email confirmation?

If a valid email has been provided you will receive an email confirmation. This does not mean you have a ticket. Tickets will be mailed out after the credit card charge has been processed.

What is done with my personal information?

Both the University Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation respect your privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists. The personal information collected by Full House Lottery will be used by the Lottery and Foundations to process ticket orders, notify winners, send out lottery information in 2018 and future years, and to contact you regarding marketing and fundraising efforts, promotional information and events, through email, phone or mail. If you do not wish to be contacted by either Foundation please call 1-800-441-0465.

Important Dates

What are the important dates for Full House Lottery and where are the draws held?

Loyalty Prize Draw

Sales Deadline:  Midnight, March 14, 2018.

Draw Date:  April 5, 2018, 11:00 am at Calder Bateman Communications Ltd.

Early Bird Prize Draw

Sales Deadline:  Midnight, May 10, 2018

Draw Date:  May 31, 2018, 11:00 am at Calder Bateman Communications Ltd. 

Final Prize Draw

Sales Deadline: Midnight, June 7, 2018

Draw Dates: July 4 through July 5, 2018, 9am – 5pm daily at Coast Edmonton Plaza.

Final Live Draw: (the two Dream Homes) – held on July 6, 2018 at 1134 Wahl Place NW in ONE at Windermere, airing during the 6pm News on CTV – Draw Order: The The Harmony at 1123 Wahl Place NW OR The Evora at 1125 Wahl Place NW, and then The Lamia at 1134 Wahl Place NW.

What are the important dates for the 50/50 Extra?

Sales Deadline: Midnight, June 7, 2018

Draw Date July 4, 2018, at Coast Edmonton Plaza 10155 105 St, Edmonton, AB.

The winner will be announced during the 6:00 pm News on CTV on July 6, 2018.

What are the important dates for the Thousands-A-Day Giveaway?

Sales Deadline: Midnight, June 7, 2018

Draw Date: June 29, 2018, at Calder Bateman Communications 10241 109St, Edmonton, AB.

One winner will be announced each day in July 2018.


How much money will the Hospitals get?

If all Full House Lottery tickets, 50/50 Extra tickets and Thousands a Day Giveaway tickets are sold, The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the University Hospital Foundation will receive over $5.6 Million.

What does the money go towards?

This year, proceeds from Full House Lottery will support enhancing Emergency Care at the University Hospital Foundation and advancing Women’s Health at the at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.

How long has Full House Lottery been operating?

Full House Lottery is in its 25th year of operations supporting the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the University Hospital Foundation.

How much money has Full House Lottery raised?

In the previous 24 years, Full House Lottery has raised over $77 million towards the growing needs of Albertans in critical areas such as cardiac MRI technology, brain care, robotic surgery, neonatal intensive care, cardiac care, organ transplantations and advanced medical research.


How many Full House Lottery prizes are there?

There are 2,054 prizes in total.

What are the previous ticket buyer loyalty prizes?

A $25,000 Voucher with Transat Travel (winner will have 3-years to use the full value).

What is the Early Bird prize?

The Early Bird prize package features a Downtown Edmonton Condo plus a 2017 BMW i8 ($606,856.95 incl. GST).

Are the prizes donated?

No, they are not. We have to purchase each prize including the homes.

What is the minimum value of the lowest or cheapest prize?

Minimum prize value is $120.00.

How will I know if I've won?

The main prize winners (i.e. homes and early bird) will be notified by phone, followed by a letter. All winners will receive a letter in the mail and all names will be posted on the Full House Lottery website ( within 2 weeks after the final draw.

What if the winner doesn't like or want the prize they win?

All prizes must be accepted as awarded. If there is a concern, we suggest that the winner contact the supplier listed on their winner’s letter to see if alternate arrangements can be made. Full House Lottery has no responsibility with any arrangement made between the winner of the prize and the supplier.

Can we be there for the draws?

Yes, however please note that we have 2,054 prizes to draw and this takes approximately 2 full days to complete.

Will I receive a calendar with my Thousands-a-Day Giveaway ticket purchase?

No. A physical calendar is not associated with this purchase. The visual representation of the July calendar month is simply to demonstrate the prizes available and the days on which those prizes will be awarded.

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